Turkish delight?

Inspired by the Turkish ritual by pouring tea from up high. I experimented with the nozzle and created several coffeepots…no need to say that pouring with these in a cup is well worth a competition…better save it as an art piece!



rechte turksekoffiepotFrom raw pieces to fully hand painted coffeepot, was a big step: Inspired by old Turkish porcelain I used the motives to connect old with new. It took me about 40 hours to paint it in an old Turkish technique, using underglaze for the color-drawings and a transparant overglaze.



Watering can or coffeepot?

From raw product to coffeepot… this coffeepot was inspired by arabic writings on (mainly Turkish) ceramics. Although raw it looks like a watering can, painted and finished  it refers very strongly to a coffee ritual. You can hold this art-piece only in the palm of your handsKoffiepot-tweetuit-HannaKerkhofTwee-tuiten-voor-HannaKerkhofIn Arabic it’s written: ‘See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands’ {Isaiah 49:16}