Table brothers…

Enjoy the flexibility of form and use in table brothers. In 2012 the design was one out of ten nominees for the ‘Noordelijke Ontwerpprijs’

A set of two tables were adults and kids can enjoy their lives together all day with eat, work and play. I am very proud of the functionality of the two tables together and the looks that are simple but elegant.

Were working, playing and eating not always mix well together, in this  table you easily remove your laptop and other stuff under the top-blade to make space for breakfast or dinner.


I created the table after remarks of my son. He never liked to sit in a high chair (or should I say he hated it?). With the smaller table, a child can sit on a normal chair and eat ‘as a grown-up’. The minute I finished the table, my son sat down on the smaller table and said: “this is my table and the other one is for my big brother”. So you can imagine why this table is called ‘brothers’. The smaller table can also be used as a side-table and has the perfect height to eat your meal while watching TV

This is a ‘work in progress’ creation. I expect and hope to see it in production this year.


Turkish delight?

Inspired by the Turkish ritual by pouring tea from up high. I experimented with the nozzle and created several coffeepots…no need to say that pouring with these in a cup is well worth a competition…better save it as an art piece!



rechte turksekoffiepotFrom raw pieces to fully hand painted coffeepot, was a big step: Inspired by old Turkish porcelain I used the motives to connect old with new. It took me about 40 hours to paint it in an old Turkish technique, using underglaze for the color-drawings and a transparant overglaze.



Open Closed Transparant…

A search for expression of character with the use of wire-constructions in cabinets




The one I liked the most I never made in reality: the closed version, (in the drawing on the right side). It reminds me of the secret cabinets that are made through the ages… The wires are also the ‘hinge’ between the different parts. In the drawing you see the resemblance with the real live versions (“Transparant” in the middle, “Open” on the left side of the drawing). Shall I make the “Closed” cabinet some day?


Table Simson…

Inspired by the muscle man Samson (in Dutch Simpson) with three themes in his live: God, Muscles and Women.



A big 120 cm round table to use by maximum 6 persons. Sharing light from above it spreads through the legs and the plexiglass dividers. The three parts in the table have a symbolic background: Sharing a table together and leaving one seat open for the unexpected guest (Elijah). My own heritage inspired me in a way in my latest table-design ‘Brothers’. You could say this is really old stuff (almost vintage): I made this table in 1990!

Watering can or coffeepot?

From raw product to coffeepot… this coffeepot was inspired by arabic writings on (mainly Turkish) ceramics. Although raw it looks like a watering can, painted and finished  it refers very strongly to a coffee ritual. You can hold this art-piece only in the palm of your handsKoffiepot-tweetuit-HannaKerkhofTwee-tuiten-voor-HannaKerkhofIn Arabic it’s written: ‘See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands’ {Isaiah 49:16}




3 zoete kusjes…3 Sweet {little} kisses

Can you recall that awkward moment, when greeting someone and by the third kiss they flinch? Then you’re probably Dutch and the one you were greeting isn’t…

Imagine you can turn that awkward moment in something different, something worth remembering. That the person in front of you will smile with a twinkle in the eye and say the next time: I know 3 kisses isn’t it?! Tell your friends more about Holland with this little ‘Dutch custom in a box’ filled with 3 sweets in the lip-shape from 12 real Dutch women.   HD-3zoeteKusjes-HannaKerkhofEvery country has different ways to say hello and goodbye. In Holland it’s custom among friends and family to say hello and goodbye with three (little) kisses.VK-3zoeteKusjes-HannaKerkhof2 History First only in the South of the Netherlands (under the rivers we call it) they greeted each other by kissing 3 times on the cheek. The more protestant North (above the rivers) kissed only two times. People liked the three kisses and the southern ‚schwung’ (charm) of it and slowly from the seventies to the nineties everyone (nearly everyone?) took over. Today we are so used to three kisses, no one blinks an eye. But if it happens we think you are foreign ;) HS-3zoeteKusjes-HannaKerkhof2How I made the ‘3 little kisses’ I got 12 Dutch women together to make a 3D scan of their lips. The 12 lips were printed (The print looks incredible). After a lot of experiment  I turned the lips into these candy ‘kisses’ made with ’speculaas*’ herbs (*an old Dutch cookie). This is my very first creation. A small handmade production you can actually buy (sales-information will follow)! Dutch or not ….let me know how you feel about my little box ‚3 Zoete kusjes’ or just ‚like’ this blog post

A sweet {little} kiss for my love…

Today it’s Valentine! A day especially  to send your secret crush a love-message.

For me Valentine means time to share my love with my loved ones. Today I started sharing a Valentine’s breakfast with my two sons. Seeing their happy faces in the morning is always a joy. Yesterday I made some of these Valentine-lolly-pops ‚A sweet kiss for my love’ Een zoet kusje voor mijn lief

The lip-print is from an original from my 3 Sweet {little} kisses

Gr-VK-Lolly-eenzoetkusje-HannaKerkhofBut remember…  Although it’s exciting to send a secret love-message to your crush, it’s also a day to enjoy all the loved ones around you. Who do know and love you already! Have a great Valentine today!




  • Made as hard candy with natural ‚speculaas’ herbs
  • The candy is 3,5 cm wide en 1,5 cm high, the stick is about 8 cm (normal size lollipop)
  • This is an artisan lollipop: variation in color, taste and weight is possible
  • Color red
  • Creation by Hanna Kerkhof

Product information ‘3 Zoete kusjes’

Product-Information / Characteristics of ‘3 Sweet {little} kisses’:

Info about the candy:

  • Made as hard candy with natural ‚speculaas’ herbs. Ingredients: sugar, water, dextrose, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, coriander, ginger, artificial icing color Red red (Wilton)
  • Each candy is 3,5 cm wide en 1,5 cm high
  • This is artisan candy: variation in color, taste and weight is possible
  • Color red
  • The candy is Gluten- and lactose-free. But…although it is made with great care and with separate kitchen utensils, it is made in a Kitchen were food with lactose and gluten are prepared.
  • Netto Weight approximately 21 gram

Oranjeboven-Orange-ribbon-HannaKerkhofInfo about the box:

  • The box measures: 12 cm (length) x 7 cm (width) x 3 cm (height)
  • Weight of the box including candy: About 55 gram
  • This product is handmade in Rotterdam, except the basic Pet G box, it is made nearly by hand (with the help of some machines) in Breukelen the Netherlands
  • The box is fully recyclable, inspiration for up-cycling will soon be on this site!

Creation by Hanna Kerkhof

Price 5,95 euro incl. 21% BTW for one box of ‘3 Zoete kusjes’    Order information you can find here

All this information, except the lactose and gluten info, is written on the box in very small letters. Remember you can always read it here again!