Freedom to my magical bird again!

After 2 years of silence, today is the day I give freedom to my magical bird again by making public.

Since the end of 2013 when I closed my old company ‘de OndernemersWerkplaats’ a lot has happened. Besides working on my recovery I have taken time searching and finding my new path as a designer. To be honest: My main succes is not in big and famous things, but in those small moments of everyday live. Enjoying to be who I am, creating new and unexpected things and connecting with the people around me and enjoy working and living together….. This is also my motto as a designer:

As creator of (home)products I hope to give small moments in live that xtra sparkle, create your own special rituals and see a glimpse of future memories


Drawing bird

Last year I started working on my first (new) product called ‘3 sweet {little} kisses’ I learned an awful lot of 3D techniques and enjoyed working together with lots of different creatives. I am very proud I made it!‘3 Sweet {little} kisses’ is for sale in exact 7 days from now. It’s a little symbolic: In 2013 I closed my company by saying goodbye in seven days. Today I start again by showing you in 7 days my portfolio. On day seven I meet you again with the possibility to support me with my ‘Dutch custom in a box’

In the meantime look around and get an impression of my start as a designer. You can follow my proces as a designer from sketch to real live products: ‘like’ me on Facebook or keep an eye on this website to do so!

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Hanna Kerkhof

As a designer and creator of (home)products I hope my designs give your live an xtra sparkle, creating a glimpse of future memories by your own special rituals

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